Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Research Center

IDDRC Membership

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The IDDRC Faculty is comprised of individuals at UCLA who through their research, teaching, and/or clinical service can advance the mission and programs of the IDDRC. The faculty is made up of both research scientists and clinicians. Faculty in any department whose research falls into our scientific themes are welcome to join the IDDRC:

Access to resources

Members will have access to IDDRC core resources, including: 

Application Process

Applicants should submit a letter of interest to the Preethi Puthanveetil The request should include your name, department, and a description of your research, indicating how they fulfill the requirements for membership. The application should include a complete curriculum vitae.  

Review Process

New faculty applications will be reviewed in a timely fashion by the membership committee. The applicant will be informed of the decision by receiving notification from the membership committee on the status of their faculty appointment.  

The term faculty is here more broadly defined than under traditional UC practice and may include, for example, individuals in the Professional Research Series as well as Staff Psychologists who meet membership criteria.