Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Research Center


Administration, Education, & Outreach


  • Provide an administrative infrastructure for IDDRC faculty, IRB, IACUC, centralized databasing and computation.
  • Long- term oversight, monitoring, and evaluation of core utilization, success at facilitating IDD research, and quality assurance.
  • Create and manage internal and external advisory board, executive meetings, and retreats.
  • Develop and coordinate education/ outreach activities, including initiation of a West Coast IDDRC Consortium.
  • Communication of research discoveries to clinicians, patients, and family members in our community.
  • Interact with clinical services to implement and translate basic research findings into clinical studies.
  • Education to train next generation of researchers.

Our Team

Susan Bookheimer, PhD

Principal Investigator

Harley Kornblum, MD, PhD

Principal Investigator


Preethi Puthanveetil, PhD

Lucina-Uddin (1)-2

Lucina Uddin, PhD