Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Research Center


Sofroniew, Michael V., M.D., Ph.D.


Neural injury and repair


  • Professor, Neurobiology
  • Member, Brain Research Institute
  • CTSI
  • Neuroengineering Training Program
  • Neuroscience GPB Home Area


Our work is directed at achieving a better understanding of the cell biology of the response to injury in the adult central nervous system.

We are particularly interested in the roles played by specific cell types (e.g. astroglia) and specific molecules (e.g. growth factors and cytokines) in mediating neuroprotection, regulating inflammation and determining the capacity for regeneration.

Our studies are based largely on systems-level analysis in transgenic mouse models. Specific techniques employed include microsurgery, tissue culture, grafting (also from precursor cells and genetically modified cells), immunohistochemistry, tract-tracing, quantitative morphometry, and various molecular biological techniques associated with generating, maintaining, and evaluating transgenic mice.


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