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Voucher Application Form

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Eligibility criteria for IDDRC approval:

The IDDRC provides vouchers, typically up to $5,000, for investigators who need access to core resources, including consultation services, equipment usage, and MRI scan time (animal and human), for research not currently funded.

The expectation is that this voucher will lead to preliminary data for new grant submissions.

Vouchers may also be used to augment research funds to complete a study, or for student research projects.

Project applications are reviewed by the IDDRC Executive Committee. Investigators will be notified promptly of the status of their project applications, typically within two weeks.

For questions, please contact Preethi Puthanveetil, PhD,

Application Requirements

Title of Project
*500 word max
PI Last Name/ First Name 
PI Email Address
Position/ Dept
Current NIH Biosketch
Description of Project
Abstract and Specific Aims of Project 
Budget Justification
*Please note, these funds should be considered seed money toward pilot data for a larger award
Expected Grant Opportunities 
What grants will you be applying to with this preliminary data?
Relevance to IDDRC’s mission
*500 word max

Application Review Process

Proposals will be reviewed and funded based on:

  1. Translatability – Does the proposal directly address a significant problem in developmental disabilities? Will the project provide valuable information and likely advance towards clinical utilization in the near future? Will the knowledge gained from this proposal transform clinical practice?
  2. Innovation – Does the project address developmental disabilities with a novel, unique approach?
  3. Core Utilization – Is the project feasible? Does the experimental approach optimally utilize the capabilities of the core(s)?

Other Details

Recipients should acknowledge the UCLA IDDRC grant number U54HD087101-01 as a funding source to the IRB and/or ARC as applicable, and cite the grant in all publications that result from this IDDRC- supported research.

In addition, voucher recipients should report the following information to the UCLA IDDRC by October 31 each year.

  1. Publications resulting from IDDRC-supported research with PubMed ID (PMID and PMCID)
  2. All PHS and non-PHS federal support that contributed to the IDDRC-supported research

Any questions? Please contact Preethi Puthanveetil at